eCommerce without the Jargon

For our customers, who just want their customers to buy online, eCommerce sounds complicated. It sounds silly to get stuck on a word but the idea that tech jargon makes people decide against it before they even know what it is, its why we got into online solutions for business in the first place.

This amazing thing called the Internet should be (and keep your customers loyal. But in our experience, you need some expertise to get out there.

We talk a lot about what to expect when you build a new online ordering website, but if you strip away the word “web” than what you want is something that is an extension of your business in a space that is open 24/7. Firstly and be pretty obvious in its intent as soon as the homepage displays.

We’ve spent a lot of time helping our customers build their online ordering & online shopping sites since 2008. Things have changed a lot in that time, and we are excited to be re-launching our new WebPOS Online Ordering software website!

So here we are, ready to make it simple and new one. Check out our Features & Example Sites – we are sure you will see something you like.

Posted on 10/06/2014 in Journal

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