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Why WebPOS Online Ordering?

As restaurant with a significant market presence you need an online ordering solution that allows you to:

  • Own your customers and then, through good marketing, keep them coming back for more.
  • Integrate internet orders with your existing in-store order making process.
  • Keep the profits for yourself with a flat monthly fee that covers ongoing updates, assistance & training.

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Mentone Pizza

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La Romana Pizza Bar

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Bar Zushi – Darwin

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Pizza Riviera – Townsville


Single Website & Menu, One or More Store Locations


Key FeaturesBenefit
Professional, custom-designed online ordering website and Customer order
Product ordering, checkout and account manage-ment pages that can replace OR seamlessly integarate with your existing site across all customer facing features
Initial upload of your store menu including quality assurance through direct POS syncingFull turnkey solution
All orders received direct to in-store POS with Optional backup notification to Email, Fax or SMS (Surcharge per unit), Website dashboard accessIntegrate with your existing in store process with multiple backup methods to manage incoming order notification
Credit card payments processed by PayPal payment gateway4 customer payment options: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or PayPal account & you get paid via a secure payment gateway trusted worldwide
Online marketing friendly from the start with social media and email marketing integrated featuresYour customers connect to you through the site and social media, you connect to them through smart marketing tools
Full customer support 24 hours/day, 7 days/week including help with minor updates & trainingSupport desk available and monitored 24/7, support provided by email and phone
*Please contact us for additional details if you have menu variations between store locations
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  • Your own professional, attractive & user-friendly online ordering website that adjusts for the best experience on desktop, mobile & tablet, ordering on tablet & mobile is just as easy as on the desktop
  • Customisable menu options for size, standard and additional extras for all menu items so that the system handles the fine details of an order that make the difference to the customer
  • Peak ordering management so you get just the right amount of orders at any time while keeping customers happy & informed – keep the orders coming in on Friday and Saturday but at a pace the kitchen can handle

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Step 1 We will review your design requirements & build page mockups to support your design vision (2 weeks)
Step 2Once design is approved we will build the online ordering pages to your design & to your POS providers specification (2-3 weeks)
Step 3Quality Assurance testing will begin, both for online ordering and POS integration (1-2 weeks)
Step 4Final modifications and pre-launch activities commence (1 week)
Step 5Once final approval confirmed site launch initiated (1-2 days to complete launch)

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Testimonial from a valued customer

Taking orders online is easy because they come right to our point of sale, like the customer is standing right in front of us. WK Digital worked with our POS provider to make it an easy process for us, it just works.

Frank Guglielmino – Pizza Riviera

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  • Project Timeline Management of all Project Deliverables
  • Key Milestone reporting and the point of communication throughout the project ->Assurance of hitting project timeline with timely customer feedback
  • Your key point of contact throughout the project

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  • Page Load & Styling
  • Property Feed Functionality
  • Link Functionality
  • Image Display
  • Add to Cart & Checkout
  • Contact Us Form
  • Cross Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Cross Platform Testing – PC, Tablet, Smartphone (iOS, Android)