Spend Small, Win Big

We’re a nation of contrarians, we don’t like to be told what to do. So if the government says spend because of generous tax breaks, we shout “Save!” But maybe we’re shouting save and thinking…SPEND!

Tax deductions are always attractive and sweet, so if you’ve got spending on the mind then consider these technology investments:

1. Upgraded Point of Sale units – if you have POS cash registers connected to the internet then there is always a risk of viruses but most importantly, just like upgrading a laptop you need to consider the main point of receipting cash and WebPOS” href=”http://www.ordermate.com.au/connections” target=”_blank”>Ordermate – they just get customers and on the plus side your eCommerce website integrates directly to the POS for seamless ordering and monitoring of your profits.

2. Tablet – Your kid has one, so why shouldn’t you start using the ultimate in flexible technology that acts as a fantastic sales tool? Why wait to show your customer your goods when you can hand they can scroll through themselves. As a aside, how is your website looking on the tablet these days?

3. Mobile – Tablets are sales tools, mobiles are the productive-you tool. Tech changes so quickly in this space so don’t wait any longer to change out to a mobile phone that can act as a mini-office in your pocket. The statistics for users viewing your website only through mobile phone browsing are approaching 50% of the browsing public and will only continue to grow, how is that site looking on your phone?

Ok so we violated the “Don’t Tell Us What to Do!” rule but even though we don’t think Gerry Harvey needs more money we do like the focus on technology to sharpen your business model so think about it, but not for too long.

Posted on 26/05/2015 in Journal

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